Selecting a Third-Party Consultant: A Guide to Finding, Vetting and Hiring The Best Problem-Solver for Your Business

Recognizing your company needs help is only the first step in the change process. Next comes the journey to discover exactly what needs to change and how you will fix the issues at hand. Depending on your company’s size, bandwidth and resources, you may need some outside help to augment your internal review. So how do you find, vet and hire a consultant who will work alongside your team to uncover and implement lasting change? In this blog post, we’ll break down the process of hiring a third-party consultant by showing you what to look for when making this important [...]

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Three Ways to Build Relationships and Employee Morale

I’ve always been amazed that most leaders don’t take the time to get to know their employees on a personal and professional level. The ability to relate to employees provides an instant way to gain credibility and support. In fact, this ability to connect with employees is one of the traits I see in effective leaders. Those who do it well can motive teams, build morale, and increase productivity and results. In my book, Profit Through Change, I share 15 actions effective leaders take to build relationships with employees. Three of these actions stand out as things you can start [...]

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Five High-Impact Areas to Evaluate for Increased Productivity

“We aren’t running at optimum performance.” “I’m not able to make order deadlines due to low throughput.” “To grow I need to do more, more quickly.” Do any of these statements sound familiar? When we consult with our clients in manufacturing they often express concerns about throughput and productivity. They’ve hired us to help them determine what’s holding them back and to develop a strategy to help them reach their goals. We start with a 360-degree company assessment, looking both from the top down and the bottom up. This includes getting out on the production floor to identify areas [...]

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