Diagnose Operational Inefficiencies and Achieve More Profitable Results

You know your business. It’s likely you’ve already recognized issues at work in your organization. That’s why you’re here. Maybe it’s low throughput, an inability to deliver on orders quickly or a lack of profit. Or, maybe you’re experiencing growing pains. We can help.

TECS, LLC provides consulting services that help business leaders increase productivity and profitability. We help our clients diagnose operational inefficiencies negatively impacting their profitability. Together, we design a path forward to successfully remedy the root causes behind these issues.

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Experience Our Proven Approach and Straightforward Recommendations

Our team of veteran consultants looks at your business from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective. We then provide a 360-degree view of your company’s opportunities. Our method is low key, inquisitive and highly effective. With an understanding of how your leadership and company work we provide valuable recommendations for increased profitability.

Our Three-Step Approach

1. Discovery

2. In-depth leadership and operational assessment

3. Findings and recommendations

Meet Our Leaders


Karl is a manufacturing industry veteran having served as senior VP of Global Manufacturing at Harley-Davidson and division manager for John Deere. Throughout his time at Harley-Davidson, Karl helped the company achieve world-class operations while saving in excess of $200 million annually. Clients turn to Karl for profitable, efficient leadership strategies and proven results.


Manny Barriger is a renowned subject-matter expert in process excellence and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He’s worked as a premier consultant in a variety of industries, including financial, manufacturing, oil and medical. Manny delivers effective, profitable results to clients.


Curt Feggestad worked at John Deere and Harley-Davidson for more than 40 years. As a technical expert, Curt primarily focuses on efficiency gains on the production floor. His emphasis is on overall factory needs, focused around "Lean Manufacturing/Waste Elimination" principles.


Steve Debusk has developed an Asset Recovery System that saved $100 million in 24 months. He has worked with companies like Sprint, General Foods, and Assurant Solutions. While helping these companies with supply chain management, operations, and product service he was working on some of his own endeavors.