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With decades of experience in operations and manufacturing, the TECS team understands what makes organizations world class. Our cross-functional team of business professionals brings complementary and synergistic strengths to your business. Together we help you uncover what’s holding your company back, and support you through difficult but needed change. Our leadership team includes:

Karl Eberle

Karl Eberle is a veteran of the manufacturing industry with more than 40 years of experience in operations and production. Known as a leader who can take on any challenge, Karl has reinvented existing operations, started green-field factories and developed new technologies. He’s held multiple roles at Harley-Davidson, including senior VP of Global Manufacturing where he was responsible for achieving world-class operations while saving in excess of $200 million annually. He began his career at Motorola before moving to John Deere as a division manager. For more than seven years, Karl has worked as a trusted multi-industry consultant, helping improve business effectiveness and profitability. He is the co-author of the book Profit Through Change and a well-regarded keynote speaker. He served on several boards including Verde Enterprise Group, Salvation Army, and Boys and Girls Club.

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Manny Barriger

Manny Barriger is a renowned subject-matter professional in process excellence and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He combines professional knowledge with hands-on problem-solving experience to lead companies to strategic success. As a consultant in a variety of industries, Manny delivered effective, profitable results in the financial industry, Big 3 consultancies, manufacturing, oil, and medical industries. After working with companies including General Motors, Harley-Davidson and Lear Corporation, Manny began leading Lean Six Sigma deployment at several companies before starting Rent-A-Blackbelt®, which provides certified Lean Six Sigma capabilities to corporations. Manny is the co-author of Profit Through Change with Karl Eberle.

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Curt Feggestad

Curt Feggestad has worked in Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement for more than 40 years. He began his career at John Deere working as a Lean Manufacturing Engineer before moving onto a Continuous Improvement Lead position at Harley-Davidson.

As a technical professional, Curt primarily focuses on efficiency gains on the production floor. His emphasis is on the overall factory needs, focused around “Lean Manufacturing/Waste Elimination” principles.

Curt’s experience spans supervision, Lean Manufacturing, industrial engineering, and employee training.

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