Proven Three-Step Process

While no two engagements are alike, there are common steps and characteristics we’ve uncovered during our years of experience. Using our in-depth knowledge of operations, we created a proven approach to uncover what’s holding your company back and how best to help you move forward.

Your TECS team will guide you through a three-step process that includes:

Step 1: Discovery

We’ll start by meeting with senior management to discuss the overall business, including key concerns. This provides us with the necessary background and knowledge to begin our in-depth review of your company.

Step 2: Company Assessment

Our team will conduct an in-depth assessment of your leadership, organizational structure, processes and value proposition to review what’s working and where changes could lead to improved results. The assessment is performed over a one-week period, including daily updates when applicable.

Step 3: Findings and Recommendations

After completing our assessment, we’ll provide you with a full report and recommendation outlining pertinent issues that impact your business. The report also covers opportunities, benefits, and investments that can help solve these issues. We’ll then work together to prioritize next steps, and set goals and measurement criteria.

What to Expect

The TECS team will quickly integrate into your culture for minimal disruption during our company assessment We’ll ask the right questions to uncover valuable insights. Our method is low key, inquisitive and alert. We want to understand how your leadership and company work.

Our recommendations are straightforward, without bias and range from major to incremental impacts.

Ongoing Support for Transformative Change

For some clients, our engagement ends after we provide our recommendations. In these cases, leadership is often not ready to address the root causes behind issues. However, for most clients, the work doesn’t end after our assessment and recommendations. Instead, the heavy lifting begins. We stay involved, working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve results. Most engagements last from six months to two years.

We work with your leaders to improve your organization’s ability to handle change and transform your culture. This includes designating leaders within your company to own each step of the change. We serve as mentors, providing the guidance needed to impact organizational change and work directly with you to achieve high-impact results.

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